Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shut In and Shut Down
(For Leona, my fortress and friend.)

Many there are who feel alone
Victims of those who have done them wrong
Loved ones who take and who never repay
Who leach from the good 'til they're called away
But there's more to life than may meet our eye
And we don't have to look for a sign from on high
You're created by God for HIS pleasure alone
And He knows your good deeds and the seeds that you've sown
He enjoys when you pray and offer Him Praise
And you can do that shut in, in the night as the day
For we all can't have a stage or platform
To offer our love from a heart that's reborn
An island, a prison, hospital or home
For there's no place on earth where we're really alone
Take courage, take heart, take strength and take rest
For Jesus Christ loves you much more than you suspect
His ear is attune, His eye's never dim
He knows every thought you think about Him
And though you feel small and forgotten by men
You're never forgotten by the One without sin
He feels your feelings, He's acquainted with pain
But His Word says you'll, - WIN, the end of this game!!!

Copyright 2008
Stan Simons ASCAP