Friday, December 26, 2008

'Till His Kingdom Comes

Come to the Father, come through the Son
He won't decieve you like some that you've known
His pure words from heaven, are seeds for the soul
Grown in the Wisdom, of Christ's fragrant soil
Dig into His Bible, 'till you find all you need
Find grace and true beauty, and peace when you weep
For real love is holy, for it comes from Him
There's health and soul healing, that cleanse from within
But, guard your soul's treasures, that God gives to you
For some men will steal them, like swine in a slough
Trust in God's Spirit, and He'll guide and provide
And He will reveal, when decievers tell lies!
So come to the Father, come through the Son
And His Word will keep you, - 'till His kingdom comes!

Copyright 2008
Stan Simons/ ASCAP

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bride of Glory (Song Lyric to my newest demo)

There's a river from a land unknown
Flowing from the foot of God's own throne
There's grace for the taking, strength for the weak
Rest for the weary, and peace for the meek

Here is forgiveness and gifts from above
Here is salvation, more than enough
Come to this river, oh bride to be
Live with your lover, - eternally

Bathe in this water, then you'll be clean
Sing Bride of Glory, unto your King!
Your purity's perfected, oh richly redeemed
Sing Bride of Glory, unto your King!

This is your moment, this is your dance
The eyes of your King, are wet with romance
Come join your groom, find all you need
In His holy love, for eternity

Once bruised and beaten, by men of this world
Now, you're Christ Bride, - in linen and pearl!

Rest by this water, for now you are clean
Sing Bride of Glory, unto your King!
Your purity's perfected, oh richly redeemed
Sing Bride of Glory, unto your King!

Sing passionate praises, - unto your King!

Copyright 2008
Stan & Leona Simons ASCAP

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life Is A Canvas

Life is a canvas empty and bare
You are the artist who sits and stares
What will you do with the gifts you've been given?
For your painting's on display before all men
Will you lavish it with love and colors serene
Reflecting the One Who created all things?
Or will it be harsh and cold, black and white
Reflecting a soul lost in the night?
Each day is a gift that comes just once in our lives
Each day is a chance to do what is right
So decide what you'll do with that brush in your hand
For the canvas is yours, to control and command.

Copyright 2008
Stan Simons ASCAP

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Tree Stays Where It Lays

You never came to God, for you would never listen
He gave you many calls, but you refused to hear them
We often sat together and spoke of things on earth
As I wondered at your apathy about salvation’s worth
Busy with your carnal thoughts, or busy about nothing
Neglecting the One who loved you, refusing to even trust Him
Now your life is past and you’ve left this world behind
And I tremble at the thought of what I know you’ll find
You used to tell me, you knew the ways of God
But you were just deceiving yourself, as you played the odds
But God demands much more, than our casual confession
He must be our life, - our love, - our absolute obsession!
Our will is our way, to responding to His call
Without it, the phone just rings, ‘till it falls right off the wall!
So I hope you’re content old friend, with the decisions that you made
For our axe will always fall, - but the tree stays where it lays

Copyright 2008
Stan Simons ASCAP

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Faithful Over Little

Lord, we want to be Your servants
Help us to be pleasing vessels
Vessels fit for worthy work
Servants diligent in duty
Hearing Your commands with willing hearts
Hearts that perform when called upon to do so
Seeking just Your smile, yet expectant in Your promise
Knowing our service here
Though little when compared to this urgent world of needs
That others always have in places much less blessed
Is still service that mattered much
To those we aided in it
Grant us strength to this day's demands
And knowledge that when today is done
That we feel You're satisfied with us
Satisfied with what our labor's brought
And we'll be satisfied in knowing, - Your Spirit's ways
For without You, - we can do nothing
And when the night comes down
May we have eased some pain, healed some hurt, or just held one hand
Helping someone through their bitter storm
And if we've had such an honor, such a gift from Your hand
Then allow us Lord, to feel the fulfillment of a task done well
And upon graduation from this world into Your presence
Find that You've judged us faithful in our little here
Thus may we be counted faithful over much in that day
And seeing Your smiling face beaming forth Your love
May we feel the warmth of such a pure, holy love
Time, space, and world, - without end.

Copyright 2008
Stan Simons ASCAP

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Are You a "Word Watcher?"

Are you a "Word-Watcher?"
Following The Spirit
Where it flits and flutters
Listening for the song
That is sung by others
Often lighting on a branch above us
Sometimes sent to nudge us
Nudge us closer to "The Master"
So we might escape disaster
Even in life's winter
We may hear Him enter
Singing songs so cheering
Regardless of conditions
- Are you one who's listening?
Searching through your Bible
Leaving those whose tribal
Traditions make them nest together
Regardless of their error
In applying what He teaches
Thus, forsaking what He wishes
And turning unto men
Rejecting Who God sent them
Or are you faithful to "The Boss"
No matter what it costs?
Are you His faithful friend?
- Faithful to life's end?

Are you a "Word-Watcher?"

"Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the Lord." Proverbs 8: 34 - 35 KJV

Copyright 2008
Stan Simons ASCAP
Shut In and Shut Down
(For Leona, my fortress and friend.)

Many there are who feel alone
Victims of those who have done them wrong
Loved ones who take and who never repay
Who leach from the good 'til they're called away
But there's more to life than may meet our eye
And we don't have to look for a sign from on high
You're created by God for HIS pleasure alone
And He knows your good deeds and the seeds that you've sown
He enjoys when you pray and offer Him Praise
And you can do that shut in, in the night as the day
For we all can't have a stage or platform
To offer our love from a heart that's reborn
An island, a prison, hospital or home
For there's no place on earth where we're really alone
Take courage, take heart, take strength and take rest
For Jesus Christ loves you much more than you suspect
His ear is attune, His eye's never dim
He knows every thought you think about Him
And though you feel small and forgotten by men
You're never forgotten by the One without sin
He feels your feelings, He's acquainted with pain
But His Word says you'll, - WIN, the end of this game!!!

Copyright 2008
Stan Simons ASCAP