Friday, December 26, 2008

'Till His Kingdom Comes

Come to the Father, come through the Son
He won't decieve you like some that you've known
His pure words from heaven, are seeds for the soul
Grown in the Wisdom, of Christ's fragrant soil
Dig into His Bible, 'till you find all you need
Find grace and true beauty, and peace when you weep
For real love is holy, for it comes from Him
There's health and soul healing, that cleanse from within
But, guard your soul's treasures, that God gives to you
For some men will steal them, like swine in a slough
Trust in God's Spirit, and He'll guide and provide
And He will reveal, when decievers tell lies!
So come to the Father, come through the Son
And His Word will keep you, - 'till His kingdom comes!

Copyright 2008
Stan Simons/ ASCAP