Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Tree Stays Where It Lays

You never came to God, for you would never listen
He gave you many calls, but you refused to hear them
We often sat together and spoke of things on earth
As I wondered at your apathy about salvation’s worth
Busy with your carnal thoughts, or busy about nothing
Neglecting the One who loved you, refusing to even trust Him
Now your life is past and you’ve left this world behind
And I tremble at the thought of what I know you’ll find
You used to tell me, you knew the ways of God
But you were just deceiving yourself, as you played the odds
But God demands much more, than our casual confession
He must be our life, - our love, - our absolute obsession!
Our will is our way, to responding to His call
Without it, the phone just rings, ‘till it falls right off the wall!
So I hope you’re content old friend, with the decisions that you made
For our axe will always fall, - but the tree stays where it lays

Copyright 2008
Stan Simons ASCAP